Aeration control Australia
Aeration Control Australia is the manufacturer of the "Aeration Manager", a unique control system for grain aeration. The company also provides turnkey solution to the grain industry. Awarded Western Australian Innovator of the Year in 2010, the business has developed the Aeration Manager® in conjunction with the CSIRO which has revolutionized grain storage monitoring and control.This is the only controller on the market where fans are activated based on information entered during loading rather than the ambient air condition. With this information the controller will facilitate the optimum temperature and moisture content for the grain. Each Aeration Manager® is three controllers in one that dries, cools and maintains the grain with a fully automated transition between the three stages and can save users up to 20% in energy costs. Now with internet access, there is no other grain aeration controller that is more efficient and economical.

The Aeration Manager™, designed and developed in conjunction with Australia's leading research organisation (CSIRO), offers the following benefits:
  • At any given time you will know the condition of your stored grain
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption by optimising fan utilisation
  • A proven increase in germination for seed grain
  • The ability to control up to eight silos each with different grain types
  • An opportunity to harvest earlier thus avoiding potential weather damage
  • Maximum value from your harvest

Aeration control image
Aeration Manager Screen